Project Description

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Smart Door Locks with Facial Recognition Tuya


  1. Unlocking ways: Face, Fingerprint, Password, key, Card, Palm Vein(6 in 1);
    Optional for Wifi APP(Usmart Go) unlocking, which press the “Doorbell” icon in the lock and an real picture will access to your APP to see who front the door remotely asking to unlock;

Optional for Wifi APP(Tuya Smart) unlocking,
two features to work with Tuya:

a.) ring the doorbell , doorbell alarm will access to APP and a real picture send to your APP for your recognize;

B.)  press ” 1 & √” in keypad, which will send the picture to your APP as well and remotely unlock;

  1. Material: Aluminum alloy;
  2. Mortise: 6068
  3. Power: Lithium battery operated(rechargeable)
  4. Capacity: Fingerprint + face + palm vein = 300; cards 20, password 5.
  5. Display: 3.5”TFT Touch LCD.
Model Number10P
Unlocking ways:Face, palm vein,fingerprint, password, card, key,
APP(Tuya smart wifi or Usmart Go)
Capacity:face 100
palm vein 100
fingerprint 100
card 100
password 5
merchanical key 2
Material:Aluminum alloy
Dimensions:L408mm * W80mm * H31mm
Working power:7.4v rechargeable lithium battery
Door fit:Home security door, Entrance door, Principle door
Colors:Black or Rose gold